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Qube OEM

Through our experience and electronic design capabilities, we can address specific customization needs of our laser driver technology for integration into third-party products. Such devices maintain the specific features of low current noise and locking stability typical of our QubeCL and QubeDL.

In addition to a customer tailored solution, we already offer two possible OEM solutions in the catalog:

OEM Qube Tower:
Same electronics as QubeCL and QubeDL but without aluminum frame and cooling system (these features have to be provided by the customer).

The possible module configurations are the same as the QubeCL and QubeDL ones, except that you cannot install the laser housing modules since they require the aluminum frames for working properly.  The picture above represents only one of the possible configurations. Look at section Modularity to find out all the possible configurations of the Qube-system.

The OEM Qube Tower is particularly suitable to be integrated in a light experimental setup designed to be moved.

QubeCL dual driver:
Designed for a specific reference laser source solution and also available in our catalog. It includes two independent laser drivers that can erogate up to 2 A each.  As for the OEM Qube Tower  the cooling system has to be integrated by the customer. 

Do you want to integrate a custom Qube solution in your product? Please contact us and discuss your project with our development team.

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